The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 ‘Fast Enough’ Finale

The flash

May 19, 2015 Anonymous Vixen

Warning if you have not watched the finale of The Flash then you might not want to read this.

Someone should have warned me that if I watched this episode I was going to need a box of tissues. Now I liked that the ending was not about the big battle between The Flash and Reverse Flash. The final episode of season 1 was more emotional, which surprised me. Barry had a big decision to make this episode. He had to choose between the life that he had. I to choose a different path by saving is mother. Which if he were to do that the life that he knew would vanish. Do you remember last weeks episode? where Wells got hurt and ended up being incarcerated in the particle accelerator prison.

Well in the beginning on the finale, Barry and Wells are talking and Wells tells him why he killed his mother. Saying that he hated Barry, I was waiting for Wells to tell Barry why but that just never happen. He then tells Barry that he can save his mother he he helped Wells re-open the space time continuum and allow him to return to his timeline, in exchange Barry would finally have the chance to undo his tragic life and save his mother. I mean that sounds like a piece of cake right?… nope wrong!. There are so many problems to this plan.

1. Apparently in another timeline Barry did something to Wells, so that can only mean that Barry Allen was a DOUCHEBAG. if Barry Allen were to change the past then he wouldn’t be the Barry Allen we know and love in the future.

2. Barry wouldn’t know all the people that he has known in the timeline he is now. And you have to admit that would be very sad. I mean think of all the characters we would miss. Like uptight Caitlin, her cutie of a fiancee Ronnie, Mr. smarty pants Dr. Martin Stein, and my personal favorite Cisco. I mean wouldn’t you miss all the cool nicknames he gives the meta-humans.

3. The show would probably not be the same show we watch and love.

But anyways I think I am starting to babble, let me get back to the finale. You can tell that Cisco has never gotten over knowing that he died in another timeline. And knowing that he can’t trust Wells the guy he looked up to. When Cisco visits Wells, Cisco tells Wells that he killed him in another timeline. Which surprises Wells because that is something that Cisco should not remember. Wells then tells Cisco that he thought that Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator and that is probably why he remember. Telling Cisco that he has a greater destiny than he could have imagined.

Another surprising part of this episode was seeing Eddie again after what happened when we saw him last. I was glad to see Dr. Stein give Eddie a pep talk. Reminding Eddie that you are the one who decides your future. Meanwhile Caitlin was reunited with Ronnie, and Ronnie decides to stay with her and they get married which was a little sudden if you ask me. I can tell that the writers wanted to give this episode a little happiness before they give us the big boom. This episode was a emotional roller coaster, as we watched Barry have to heart, to hearts with his father, and his adoptive father. Barry had to make a emotional decision about the course of his life.

At the end of the day Barry decided to go back and save his mother running faster than he ever had before. As he was running he saw glimpses of his past, his present, and his future. And as we see the glimpses we see Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost. Can you even picture her being a super villain I know I don’t. But Barry finally goes back in time to the day that his mother was killed. Before Barry could save his mom, he meets his older self. And Barry was convinced that he should not change the timeline. The sad part was the look on Barry’s face watching his mother get stabbed. And he hearing the conversation that he had with his mother brought me to tears. As Barry angrily goes back through the particle accelerator he breaks Wells time bubble which was his only way too get back to his own time.

When this happens Wells asks why he didn’t save his mother. And Barry says that he likes his life now making Wells angry, turning it into a huge battle between them. The saddest part was watching Eddie kill himself to destroy Wells. Watching Iris run to him, and Joe shouting at Eddie “what were you thinking”. As Iris is crying Eddie tells her “He wanted to be the hero”. As we watch Eddie take his last breath, the sad moment is interrupted when the worm-hole re-opens making it a black hole. The gang has to leave the area, leaving Eddie’s body behind. As the gang goes outside they see that the wormhole is devouring central city. It end with Barry knowing that the only way to stop the wormhole is trying to stop it himself.

So what do you think is going to happen Barry in season 2? And now that Eddie is dead killing Eobard Thawne do you think Nora Allen is alive? And will Eddie and Wells still have a part to play? Tell me you thoughts about the season finale.And what you think is going to happen in season 2.


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