I’m Numb

November 9, 2016 by AnonymousVixen

I don’t know what to say. I am probably just rambling. But what I do have to say is, I am numb. I thought yesterday election was going to go a lot differently.

As I sat and watch the election. I realized who was about to win. I kept on praying and praying for a different outcome. And as I looked on the screen and watch as they announced the president. I knew that the world would never been the same.

I blame myself because I didn’t vote. This would have been my first time voting. I for some unknown reason thought that I had enough time to register. And I did not. I fear for everyone, and their families.

I don’t know how a man full of hate could win the election. It kind of tells you who we are as a person for voting for him. In my last blog I said I wasn’t going to judge people on voting for him. But these are just my feelings and I have to say something.

I don’t want fifty years of this world that is slowly changing. To reverse back to the way it was before. With us being so divided. And I see that happening now.

I asked so many people did they vote. And they said they didn’t. But as soon as they looked on their phones to see who was winning . I saw the fear in their eyes. And I know that they felt bad for not voting.

I don’t think anyone thought he would win. But he did, and now we have to sit back and watch this already crumbled world. Become even more crumbled. I would like to apologize for not voting. Even if I thought I had more time. I should have not been lazy about the situation. And did it as soon as possible. And I am probably not the only one feeling sorry right now.

But the question is where do we go from here? Do we run or do we fight? We are known for running. Maybe this is a good time for us to stand up tall and do something about this. Let’s show him how to love by leading by example. Instead of showing hate.

Yours Sincerely,


Anonymous Vixen


3 thoughts on “I’m Numb

  1. I for one am going to live. I am going to keep fighting fear and walking in light and love, continuing to meditate for world peace and the awakening of people who have forgotten who they are. Not easy at all, but what I believe I am called to do.


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