January 17, 2017 by anonymousvixen And he said nothing… Nothing at all the whole day. He wouldn’t even look at me. Even my friends were wondering what was going on. They could feel cold breeze coming from him to me. Once again I went in my little dark shell. And was thinking bad thoughts. Because I couldn’t understand what I did wrong. I was going over the situation in my head. Over and over again and came up with nothing. My friend decided to teach him a listen. And talk about the guy that I was starting to talk to … Continue reading

Is There Really A Thing Call Fate Part 2

January 15, 2017 by anonymousvixen My uber driver was an uber driver that I had met months before. When I rode in the car before we had this huge connection. But I messed it up by building a wall between us. Which is something I use to do very well. But now I am open so now I am attracting all these new things. But back to the story. I got in the car. And told him that I remembered having him before. He looked at me and said he was shocked to see me. Because he remembered me too. … Continue reading Is There Really A Thing Call Fate Part 2

Is There Really A Thing Called Fate?

January 13, 2017 by anonymousvixen Yesterday I started my day off amazing. But it didn’t end on a high note. I think you can understand what I mean. Sometimes work can be stressful. Not everyday is going to be peachy. My supervisor warned me when I first got job. She said working here would give you at least one bad day. And it did, from dealing with clients with attitude. To the fact that the guy that I like didn’t show up for work (which I wasn’t really worried about) To all the supervisors in our department watching us like … Continue reading Is There Really A Thing Called Fate?

What To Do When You Get Mixed Signals

January 12, 2017 by anonymousvixen So lately I have been getting mixed signals. And as I was trying to process this situation. I went through my own five stages. Of dealing with this very confusing turn of events. 1.  CONFUSION At first I was confused. I came to work Monday with a dopey grin on my face. And as I said goodmorning. He turned to look away. I thought to myself maybe it was all in my head? Maybe he wasn’t ignoring me? 2. DENIAl I asked him to join me and my friend for lunch. And he said he … Continue reading What To Do When You Get Mixed Signals

Sharing Is Not Caring!

January 10, 2017 by anonymousvixen You know what the worst part about liking somebody? It is telling your friends. And not only telling your friends. But telling your co worker friends. All of a sudden everyone is giving you pointers (which I don’t mind). Or wanting to talk to the person to see where they stand. Or if their in a relationship. But to me the worst thing about telling your co workers. Is showing them who the person is. And everytime that person walks in. They make that goofy grin. Which by the way makes it totally obvious. Everyday … Continue reading Sharing Is Not Caring!

The Things You Do For Love

January 8th, 2017 by anonymousvixen Having someone you like sure makes life interesting. It makes you do things you never do. Like make sure your hair is nothing but perfection. Raid your closet the night before. And try on basically everything you have in your closet. Just to make sure you look your best when you see him the next day. I am all about scents so I love perfumes, candles, and lotions. It is something that I can’t live without. So when I get ready I make sure that I wear scents that atttact his attention. On Friday I … Continue reading The Things You Do For Love

Crush Crush Crush!

Jan 6, 2017 by anonymousvixen I am starting fresh in 2017. And for starters it is starting a new job. Which is something I have already achieved.  I recently started a new job. And starting somewhere fresh can lead to new things. One thing about being somewhere new can be a potential office romance. And this is something that I am dealing with now. After a couple of weeks at this job. I notice this guy in my peripheral vision. I look at him to get a closer look. And as I stare at him he is looking back at … Continue reading Crush Crush Crush!