Postivity Attracts New Results


March 23, 2017 by anonymousvixen

Lately I have been getting a lot of attention from guys. Everywhere I go, I either get someone gawking at me or even flirting with me. Even the guy I liked in the past. That worked at my job has been paying extra attention to me. At first I couldn’t put my finger on it but then I realized what it was.

It is because I have been changing. My mother always told me that even if you have a smile on your face. People can tell if you have insecurities or if you are always coming from a negative place.At this point of my life things are looking good. I am looking better and feeling better. And it all because I decided to get off my butt. I have been doing this for three months trying to change my outlook on life.

The guy at my job is giving me so much attention. He texts me everyday, invites me to events. And to my surprise I don’t really care like I used to. He keeps trying and I keep brushing it off. I am not doing it on purpose. But I am at this point in my life. Where I really want to look at the person for who they are in the inside and not the outside. So right now I am still trying to get to know him better. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to be mingle.

With this new found confidence. I am able to flirt with guys with no problem. I am just able to be free. And I am not to worried about the future. I have been traveling more and I just live in the now. I just recently bought a ticket to go sky diving. Let’s see how that works out. Don’t let fear not let you be the best person you can be. Because life is short and you must live in the now. To be continued…

Yours Seriously,


Anonymous Vixen


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