For The Fat Shamers, You Know Who You Are


March 28, 2017 by anonymousvixen

I’ve often heard people refer to themselves as nasty or gross due to their weight.  More often then not the comment comes from people who are not necessarily over weight.   The notion that because someone is heavy they are undesirable  is just disrespectful and distasteful. I see some of my friends and family who may be a little overweight. Put themselves down and call themselves terrible names. Because they are being told they are not suppose to be a certain way. Society has molded young minds and many “mature” minds into desiring to be better physically but not spiritually… I did say better… because I do believe in being fit and managing a healthy weight is better for your health and life.  

That doesn’t mean that because you prefer to lead a lifestyle of fitness you have to be insensitive to those who do not choose to or simply cannot stay fit.  Women and men are equally pressured in today’s world.  We adopted the term dad bod as a way to make the average Joe to feel like they too aren’t sexy… and who’s to say they aren’t.  Just as some men prefer curves on women.. some women prefer a lil beer belly and love handles… they certainly don’t think of their lovers as gross or nasty.

We all have our preferences so we have no right to judge. Because of what society says we should be or who we should date. We are attracted to who we are attracted to. So instead of judging we should just spread love. Just something to think of.

Yours Sincerely,


Anonymous Vixen


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