Two Little Red Hens_cucpcake

May 17, 2015 By Anonymous Vixen

To all of my chocolate lovers, I have just experience the “BEST CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE IN THE WORLD”. I am not lying to you. In my trip to New York, I kept on hearing about this place called ” Two Little Red Hens”. And I am the type of person, where if I keep hearing about something, then that just means I am destined to try it. So when I walked into the store I didn’t know what to pick. I always heard about their cupcakes, I just had know idea about their cakes. So I am standing in line trying to figure out which one to choose. The employee that was helping me, god rest her soul for having to deal with me. Was waiting for me to make my choice so patiently. I felt so bad because I can be quite indecisive. So I had to ask the employee if she could help me make my decision because they all looked so good. She told me about the “Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake” and how popular that one was so I decided to try it. I was so nervous to try it because I am such a foodie. And I take my food so seriously. But once I took one delicious bite, my nerves just washed away. That “Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake” was the best chocolate cupcake I have ever had. The cupcake was so moist and rich in chocolate. I felt like a fatty for buying another one. If you are a New Yorker I dare you to try it you will become addicted. And if you are not, well then whenever you go to New York you should try this wonderful cupcake.

Yours Sincerely,

Anonymous Vixen


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