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May 18, 2015 by Anonymous Vixen

Now I know that I am late to the party but I would like to talk about the season finale of “The Vampire Diaries”. I am so upset about Nina Dobrev leaving the show. But not in a way that you think I should. I am mad about Stefan and Elena and how they never ended up together. Now I kept on watching the show because I was hoping and wishing that Stelena would end up being endgame. And when Julie Plec saidd if Nina Dobrev would have stayed things might have ended up differently, I almost flipped a lid.Stelena-stefan-and-elena-32751774-500-281 But I will say this… I was so happy that Elena became human again I didn’t like her as a vampire. She just seemed selfish and vain. Now I know there is a lot of Delena fans just as much as there are Stelena fans. But you Delena fans have to admit the show was better in season 1-3. When Elena was all about Stefan, but what I loved about the show back then. Is that, not only where Stefan and Elena love genuine. It wasn’t just about them, ” The Vampire Diaries” use to be that show that you loved tuning into every week. Because you were shocked by the ending of every episode. But ever since “Delena” happened the show lost it spark and it started to be “The Delena Diaries”. I want to teleport to wherever Julie Plec is an ask her what was she thinking and can I help her write the show. Or maybe I should build a time machine and go back to 2010 and tell Julie Plec to never have Delena happen because they ruined the show. Now what I am looking forward to for season 7 is the show being about Stefan and Damon and their brotherhood. Because through the whole entire show, I never once believed that they were brothers. Fighting over your brothers girlfriend who does that, I always thought that blood was thicker than water. And that you would choose family before anyone but that just didn’t happen. So I am excited about their journey and how the show will be without Elena. And how Damon is going to live without Elena… maybe Bamon will happen, tell me what is your thoughts on that.

Yours Sincerely,

Anonymous Vixen



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